Lausanne Well-being Matrix

Shop Slower Use Longer Waste Less

Slow Shopping

When buying something we can consider the lifetime of the things we buy (whether perishable or not) and how we can reduce the impact of that lifetime through various considerations

Here are some recommendations in order of how you should try them

Buy It 'For Life'

To reduce the consumption at it's core, it's important to buy things that last longer, so you don't have to buy them again and again

Rent or Exchange Instead

If you can't afford good quality, long-lasting products (which is ofter the problem), another way to reduce consumption is by renting instead

Shop Second-Hand

Finally, if you must buy, consider buying Second-Hand to slow your cycle of consumption and reduce the new materials & resources your purchase is consuming

Slow Use

Treating your belongings properly is not just important in order to save money on replacements, it's also better for your personal impact. A slow use lifestyle focuses on prolonging, as much as possible, the lifetime of use of the things you own, which includes the following

Repair Everything

Upgrade to refurbished

Give/sell to be Reused

Reducing Waste

Perhaps the most straightforward things to do in this list, but it is dead last for a reason: reducing waste only improves the impact of a product at the end of it's lifetime, but there are still things you can do to focus on the end of life of the things you consume:

Cut out Packaging

Reduce process waste

Use recycled material